Saturday, March 7, 2009

Trying to Save a Few Bucks!!

Today I knew I was going to work out. Ryan went with me and he went to the kid care area. Then we went to the public library after that to return some books and to look for some new ones and to look at magazines.I am always interested in looking at new ideas on debt, and money, and entrepreneurship. Then we went to the bookstore so I could look at magazines. He likes to go there because they have a kids area and it has a train table. I like that I am exposing him to reading and he gets a chance to play with the trains, look at books, and sometimes play and interact with other kids. These three places are within a couple of miles of each other. I knew we would be gone for several hours, so I packed a couple of snacks for Ryan and a couple of apples and a bottle of water from our house.

I know that this doesn't sound that special or out of the ordinary. Here is my point. What can you do to be frugal and save a few dollars? I did three things right to help ensure that we didn't waste money needlessly. One, I consolidated several different stops into one trip. We don't live that close to the places we went today--maybe 20 minutes away. So we saved on gas by not driving excessively. Second, I brought a few healthy snacks along. Of course we would get hungry and thirsty while we were gone today. By bringing a few things along, we weren't tempted to stop at a fast food place and waste money we don't have. Third, I got a book from the library and looked there and at the bookstore for free. I took advantage of the public resources. Plus I got some needed exercise and my boy got to play and exercise too! Sometimes we go the grocery store while we are out or what ever else might need to be done. You can save money, you just have to have willpower and put some effort into trying!

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  1. Very practical, and sensible. You are a great dad :)