Thursday, March 19, 2009

Night out on the Town for Free!

Last night Ryan(my son) and I went to the Central Library Branch in downtown Greensboro. I heard that they were offering a class on SEO-search engine optimization. The class started at 7 and lasted until about 8:15. This was my first time ever to a Greensboro library. I grew up in nearby High Point, so I had always gone there or to college libraries. We didnt have alot of time to explore, but it seemed like a very nice clean place with many resources. There were many computers, a book store, very nice meeting rooms, obviously books , clean restrooms, helpful librarians, and of course books.

I called earlier in the day to confirm that they were having the class. They confirmed and let me know that you could park in the parking deck. We didnt have to pay by the way-I guess if you are there after a certain time, you dont have to pay.Also, the library stamps your ticket if you are there under like an hour. So Ryan and I planned a trip to the gym, and immediately went to the class afterwards. The class ended up having about 40 or so people show up.Some had laptops in tow and some took notes like me. There were a variety of people there-young and old, men and women, and even a guy with a kid(lol-me).Ryan was surprisingly good! I packed snacks to keep him busy and later a lady gave him a paper to color on(Thanks)I had thought about bringing a coloring book, but that was would be just to much to keep up with. The SEO class was led by Sam Kanakanui and Robert Moses. They said they would be videotaping the talk and posting the video and other info to their website.

I will not go into the details of the talk. I will say that most of what they talked about can be found on google or other sources on the web or even from a good book from the library. It was still nice to be able to see a room full of web designers, business owners, and bloggers interested in how to further their exploits on the web. Although it didn't really happen, I thought there might be a chance to network and meet like minded people.All in all, I found that it was a worthwhile experience. The two speakers were full of knowledge, it was free, and it was a chance to get out of the house and do something.It goes to show that there are things to do and resources to learn from in Greensboro. Also, after the presentation, I went ahead and got a library card for any potential future trips.

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