Friday, March 27, 2009

84 Year old's Birthday Gift Comes Via Craigslist

The News & Record ran this story where a woman decided to run an ad on Craigslist for her mother. Her ad said, " Come Give Granny a Ride on Your Hog". She decided to do this for her 84 year old Mom's birthday. She wanted to do something different for her Mom, and a guy actually answered. He said he saw the ad and it touched him because his mom had passed away from cancer. So he drove 65 miles on his Harley to give her a ride. It turns out that this would probably be June Pearce's last birthday. She had lung cancer herself.Her doctor informed her that their was nothing more they could do for her own cancer back in September.

Ron Borowski arrived to a timid woman to give the ride. She was like no way! With some help from her daughters they talked her into it, and granny got on the bike. Her daughter said she created a great memory and her husband said he hoped his wife could hang on longer with the experience of this all.Imagine that, all this came together through Craigslist!

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