Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer---Investing Gone Wrong

I am just seeing these clips today, and I thought many others should take a look. I ran across a new blog He ran a post about this topic-The video is pretty much self explanatory. Although comical in how Stewart rips into Cramer, there are some things to think about here. Many people have been hurt financially! You might laugh(like I did), but you also might learn something(like I did) as well!

That was the buildup video I found on YouTube.Com, and here is the actual interview that they did together! The second video, courtesy of Comedy Central is not edited, so if you are offended by foul language-Please do not watch it!!! I tried to find the clean version, but I had trouble finding it. These videos show two guys that are promoting their shows through their "public fight". There is still alot of truth there, and Stewart slams him for his and CNBC's lack of decency in standing up for people like Stewart's own 75 year old mother!

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