Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gate City: The Oracle of Omaha

I wanted to write something about Warren Buffet -The Oracle of Omaha-- for some time now. You cant say too much bad about the guy! He has been the richest man in the world over numerous years, and he currently ranks number two I believe! His net worth is in the billions. He seems to remain somewhat down to Earth- he drives himself, he lives in the same house he has had for like 40 years, and married to his wife for about as long. He recently decided that he would start to give away big quantities of his money to charities that he and his partners, Bill and Melinda Gates, deem appropriate.There are many more reasons I will not list right now.

There is just one problem that I have with him that surfaced in the last couple of days. He now thinks that he can tell the President of the U.S. what he should be doing. Mr Buffet, please don't be so self serving!! He said that the President should concentrate on getting the economy fixed before trying to fix other problems too. He said not to juggle to many things so that you can get our economy going again. You know, maybe Warren is right and his advice is spot on. After all you should listen to a man with this much wisdom and that has become so wealthy. He must be somewhat smart, he got this far right? My problem with it all is this: when did Warren Buffet start giving public advice, spread through journalism, to the President? It all seems a little self serving... Haven't you made enough money?? Or are you truly now worried about the common man? I didn't know that Warren was a politician now! Did he ever openly condemn Mr. Bush and his policies?

I still am very impressed with Mr. Buffet and all he has accomplished. Rightfully so, if I was losing $25 billion at a time and lost my top spot as worlds richest, I might have to call the president out too. But just maybe he could have handled the matter privately and not so poignantly pointed his finger at a man and an administration that are seemingly trying their best right now!

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