Monday, March 9, 2009

My Rant--- Family Business!

I just want to say that I wish my mom or dad would have started a business. They would have been able to set me up in a "cush" job making a great salary.A salary that I would not otherwise be able to make anywhere else--with regards to my age and my lack of education! My hours would be lenient because dad would understand that I had some things to attend to. Maybe if we were really affluent Mom and Dad could give me a company car or just give me enough income to buy top notch vehicles on a whim for myself, my spouse, and my kids They could build me a house, give me a house, or let me have the huge down payment I need.Then I could trade up every few years to bigger and better. They might let me have my own company credit card so I could spend lavishly on dinners every night and just be able to write them off. Yes I might work long hours and be on call and in servitude to my parents, but my twice a year vacations could keep me and my mouth in check! Places like Las Vegas, New York City, and Orlando could definitely keep me at peace. Plus, I could blow more money on gambling than my relatives make in a month and still have tons of cash available!

You could go on and on with examples of how some families take care of their immediate loved ones. Really I don't see anything wrong with it, I just wanted to play devils advocate!Although, I have to admit that I am a bit jealous. You hear about sons and daughters involvement in family owned business from the big corporations to the small, locally owned biz.You have to wonder how well those kids would be doing if mommy and daddy did not take care of them. I will be the first to admit that if I ever get the chance I will definitely put my family to work and pay them well. It doesn't matter if you graduated from high school and you have a two year college degree or any degree for that matter. It doesn't help to get bitter either. That will not improve your situation, you have to remember that the best jobs are held out to immediate family only. The sons and daughters jealousy would not allow their parents to bring you into the fold anyway.

You can get mad and hold resentment of the situation that you were born into, and I must admit that letting go is hard at times! If you really want something and you want to make big money, work for yourself, and have a great lifestyle, you have to do it! That's right, its a cliche, you are never going to get rich working for the man! You are never going to get rich working for someone else! You are only going to make them richer! No matter how high your salary is, you have to remember that they are probably making 10 times that amount. They could not afford to pay you if they were not. So I ask you and myself, are you going to let your bitterness hold you back?

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