Monday, March 23, 2009

Life in the Boro-Computer Woes

Well I have been struck with the computer blues. My computer had been acting up, and today I got confirmation from the Best Buy Geek Squad that my motherboard was shot. Well, great news right? I should just replace it now I think. I must admit that I have felt lost the past few days without my computer. Its my lifeline to check and pay bills. There's been no email of course, no job searching, and no networking. Most of all, I think I have become somewhat addicted to blogging. So I have missed it and the outlet it gives me. Here I am at the public library! I am debating on purchasing a new computer--its sooo expensive. I have to stretch money right now, so its not really a smart choice to buy one--but I want one!

I had a job interview today with a former employer. They called me in! I got all dressed up and had gotten excited at the prospect of making money again. During the "interview" they were like, " We will have to look into some things, and we will let you know." Wait a second, didn't you call me? You need someone, and I need a job! What's going on?

My son Ryan starts soccer Wednesday. We are really excited about that-except that you do have to spend money if you want your child to participate. Along with the entry fee, you have to have the right gear. Today I had to break down and buy cleats, shorts, and shin guards,etc. Hes had a soccer goal for like a year now, and is pretty good shooting goals. I hope he enjoys the whole soccer practice Wednesday--it will be totally different than what he is used to. Plus, he will be on a 3 and 4 year old team. He wont be 3 until next month, so I am sure he will be among the smaller players.

Anyway, things happen for a reason right? Things will work out as far as income and the computer. Soccer will be fun for sure!

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