Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fox News-Immigrants Environmentally Dangerous

Let me start by saying that one of my biggest pet peeves is littering. I can not stand to see trash on the sides of our road, highways, or anywhere other than the dump or a trashcan. Littering is a huge issue in America that has spread to our lakes, rivers, and even our oceans.Can people not wait till they stop to throw the trash away properly? Well today while I was on the treadmill at the gym, Fox News had the nerve to run the story on T.V. that illegal immigrants are trashing our border and thus are creating an environmental hazard. Well, I must say that they are guilty of leaving tons of garbage at the border--as evidenced by the T.V. footage they showed to back up their statement. Don't get me wrong! I am not taking the side of the illegals to be here or the side of legal American citizens, etc. What I want to point out is that a lot of Americans are guilty of littering up our states, no different than any illegals. So if Fox wants to run a story, why can't they include what the people of this country are doing as well? Neither group's actions are any more environmentally hazardous than the other's. Let's all just stop the littering and pointing of the almighty finger!

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