Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Part 2- Lowes Grocery-- Coupon Deals

As posted yesterday, I have decided to give shopping with coupons a chance. Yesterday I saved $41.00 by shopping at Harris Teeter. I spent $51.00, so I saved nearly half! They double coupons, with a limit of 20, up to a value of 99 cents. This afternoon, after I left the gym, I decided to go to Lowes and try my luck again. They have the same policy as H.T. on doubling coupons. I have shopped at Lowes very few times if ever that I can remember. Anyway, I had to get their store card so I could save even more money. The nice customer service lady told me that after we finished shopping, the cashier would be able to give us a card. I normally would not shop this often. Normally I would go to Walmart every week to a week and a half to grocery shop and pick up any needed personal items or dog food as necessary.The Lowes trip was just to test out using coupons.

Well here are the results: I was able to save $15.68!
$2.55--regular coupons
$2.55--double amount
$10.58-reward card savings
I only spent $21.77!

I did pretty well again. I still spent a little extra time in there because I am
a rookie and I didn't have a "true" coupon organizer. I actually think the
register didn't credit me $1.25 off of one item--that's OK, I didn't catch it
until I was home. Plus they gave me something called greenpoints-184 of
them. Tomorrow I might try a couple of other places.

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