Monday, March 9, 2009

Red Box $1 Movie Rental

There is a company out called Red Box that rents DVD's. They set up red vending machine type "boxes" in retailers like Walmart, Harris Teetor, and KMart. They let you rent a movie for a dollar a night. If you return the movie on time the next day--that's all you pay-- $1! You can keep it as long as you want at a dollar a day until 30 days passes. Then at that point,you have "bought" the DVD. I have used this service several times now. I found that it is easy to sign up and easy to use. You must swipe your credit card or debit card for payment before the movie is given to you. The selection is numerous, but you can find that there are only a few current titles at a time--or new releases. They send confirmations and receipts to your email along with new release info. The only real drawback I have seen is one time the machine at one store was jammed. Therefore, no one could rent or return the movie that night--someone called the 1 800 number and they said that people would not be charged extra. Sounds like they have good customer service, although I have not had any first hand experience with that.

Right now Red Box is running a free rental special. Check the rules out at this link ! Red Box offers a good service for those of us out here trying to save some money and gives us insight into an innovative business idea! So check them out and get your free movie!

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