Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dave Ramsey-Real Estate Rebounding!

I caught some of Dave's show last night. He brought up some interesting points last night about how the media influences people in the way they react towards life and the economy. Now he didnt have a drawn out conversation about it. At first he was talking about real estate- he said that the statistics are there to prove that the real estate market is rebounding. There are exceptions where the bubble was really blown or the areas of the country are really suffering. California, Florida, Michigan(namely Detroit), Phoenix, and Las Vegas were the named exceptions. The good news is that for the rest of the country, the market is coming back.

I have felt for a long time ,and others might agree, that the media influences how the American people react in certain times. Now some people and journalists will argue, and I agree to an extent, that they are just reporting the news. They are doing their job and there is no way that they could accept responsibility for something as life changing as our current recession! But I have to counter when someone continually yells " Fire" Fire" for example, even if there is no fire, someone and undoubtedly most people are going to run. If all you ever hear is that we are in a recession, people are going to stop spending their money out of fear! If you-ie-the government-- let gas prices rise to hugely inflated prices, people are going have less money to spend and travel less. Yes the real estate bubbles and the excessive use of credit contributed to the recession, the media is not all to blame. That's not what I am saying! The market had to "adjust" at some point. Unfortunately it had to happen in my life time! You know, I was content to see the market never tank, but that's not how it works obviously!

I was happy that someone in a position with so many viewers such as Mr. Ramsey took a stand. He basically agreed that the media can influence our country positively and negatively. He said that the proof is there concerning the rebound of the real estate market. Less new homes are being built and homes are still selling, but just at a slower rate. That info infers that supply and demand are in effect and that eventually the inventory of available homes will be limited and that will lead to more growth. He directly stated that if reporters could report on the positives as well as the negatives, people might be able to see that the country is not going down in a ball of flames!

The naysayers may say...Dave is out to make money for himself in his show, books, and programs. I say let him! Because he is sending a message and it seems to really help people turn their lives around. At the same time, it is helping the country. There are lessons , if you read between the lines, of how to run our country as well. Could you imagine if our country was run debt free? That we were not indebted to other countries?I am glad that he is not afraid to take a stand on an issue like I have mentioned. I know that the recession, again, is not all the fault of TV and journalists but please at least open your ear to the power of their messages!

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