Sunday, March 15, 2009

Salad Anyone??

This is just a random little post about salad! How can you save money, eat healthier, and only have to cut the vegetables once? I usually make a large salad that I throw in a large glass bowl with a press down lid. I know salads and vegetables in general are good for you, and maybe a year or two ago I realized I was not eating that many vegetables or fruit anymore. We decided to put together more cooked meals with vegetables included. I tried to bring more fresh veggies and fruit into our home as well!

When our son came along we made sure that when it was time for table food, we supplied lots of choices for him. Of course with baby food he had many choices of vegetables and fruit, so we just wanted to continue on when he made the transition to table food. He eats a lot of things that I don't even like-bananas and strawberries,etc! So we made a conscious choice to buy fresh fruits and bagged steamable vegetables. I also started buying cucumbers(my fav), Roma tomatoes, peppers, and a lettuce mix for my salads. I also like almonds, sunflower seeds, bacon bits, and apple pieces on it. Surprisingly, my son likes vegetables and fruit and pretty much anything you put in front of him.

We got a set of bowls for Christmas, and I got the idea to start making my salad only like once a week. You can knock out cutting all the vegetables and just throw everything into the bowl and then just sit the bowl in the refrigerator. Then throughout the week, whenever you want a salad, its ready. You just throw some on a plate or a bowl and its ready! Voila! I find that the vegetables keep a little longer this way too. In the past, things would start to brown! Also it very convenient this way for feeding my son Ryan. To help keep his meals somewhat healthy and easy and convenient, a salad is already prepared if needed. So there you go! This is an idea to help enable you not to waste time, waste money, and keep you and your children's meals healthier!

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