Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Donald Trump - Celebrity Apprentice

I have found myself tuning in to the Apprentice lately. The second show aired Sunday night in the new celebrity edition of Trump's series. In the first episode comedian Andrew "Dice" Clay was fired and Scott Hamilton-the Olympic gold metal figure skater- was fired on the second. I must say that I was a huge fan of the show when it started. I wanted insight into how Mr. Trump became successful. Combine the premise of a show based around entrepreneurship and making money, and I had to see it.

I had read several Trump books and I was a fan of his to begin with. I even went to see the first season Apprentice winner, Bill Rancic, speak at Wake Forest University in Winston Salem. There were probably 800 to 1000 people there and news crews. He had a book signing afterward in the bookstore, so I ran with my cousin to stand in line with about 300 other people at the campus bookstore. I bought his book and got his autograph that night. Although The Donald earned alot of money through real estate and Bill won the competition and had a little business success on his own in business and real estate, the biggest thing I learned from them both was the power of promoting yourself! Trump says it in his books, and the two of them proved through the show that the power of promotion in TV is powerful. It sells those books, doesnt it??

However, I found that I had lost touch with the show and had not watched that often the last couple of seasons. To me it had become stale and I wasnt learning that much about business.No less, I have tuned in again and the zany celebrities may be able to keep me watching. Its more about entertainment and less about business these days, but you might be able to learn a thing or two. Cupcakes and celebrity connections and a superhero and Zappos.com marketing campaign may or may not relate to the real world. You can decide! Tom Green, Herschel Walker, Dennis Rodman, Jesse James,Brian McKnight, and Clint Black are left on the men's side. The women are Brande Roderick, Annie Dukes, among others. We will see if the show can hang on!

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