Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Jobs have been outsourced for several years now from America to other countries. It has struck many states such as North Carolina very hard in certain areas. Manufacturing jobs and furniture companies have felt the effects the hardest. Furniture manufacturers are becoming almost obsolete. Great furniture cities like Thomasville and Lexington and High Point have become almost like ghost towns. Large factories have been shuttered or have just become storage warehouses. Thousands have lost their jobs! India, China, and Vietnam , plus many more countries are benefiting--going as far to train their employees to speak English. Call center jobs have gone abroad. There has been shows revealing how high paying and exclusive those jobs are considered. What about US citizens? The latest injustice.. a lower wage job like a fast food drive thru worker has been outsourced--how ridiculous!! America needs its jobs! I don't have anything against other countries and their citizens prospering, but someone needs to do something about this epidemic. When you pull up to a McDonald's drive thru and order from someone in India--hasn't this gone too far?Business owners outsourcing these jobs argue that they can spend less on labor by going that route. Its all about profit.. and that is the American way--or is it? How is it American capitalism when the jobs are in another country? Profit is great and great profits should be made, but not at the expense of our American workers. Profit can still be made by leaving jobs in the USA! I think that we should band together and call or petition the politicians to do something about it. The president or congress needs to put legislation in place which makes it against the law to outsource or at least limits it somehow.


  1. Where do you get your information? McDonald's has been using a company called Verety for drive thru order taking. All of the Verety order takers are in the US. The restaurants benefit because they can't get people to staff the peaks (even in this economy), the customer benefits because the order is accurately taken by a highly trained order taker and the US benefits because we are keeping jobs in the US. To make things even more interesting, Verety uses workers who are home based so they are not having to drive to work and can employ disabled workers. If the store makes more profit from this is that really a bad thing? Let's not forget that a McDonald's owner operator is a small business person and small business people are a big part of the US econmic engine.

    This story keeps emerging and everyone keeps getting it wrong. Keeping jobs in the US is about innovating and developing new products and new product ideas. There will always be markets where labor is cheaper. That is unavoidable. The Verety model uses the innovation advantages we have to solve a real business problem using US workers.

  2. I have to apologize to you and McDonalds. I have to admit that I am a little taken back by how offended you seem to be. I never intended to offend anyone associated with McDonalds. I think I used them as an example because they are the most widely known fast food establishment- my intention was to point out the injustice of outsourcing jobs, not to point out one company. The story I saw first ran on CNN. From what I have investigated, you are correct in saying that the outsourcing as of right now is being mainly sent to other American call centers.I am in no way against Mcdonalds. I love the American dream behind the company and what founder Ray Kroc was able to do.Heck-lol-- I would take a franchise myself or a managers job!!Jack in the Box, however, has used call centers from overseas.

    That said, my feelings about the need for legislation to keep our jobs from going overseas will not change.If you can keep some of the jobs here, fine. Outsourced here, ok! I can deal better with that.Will outsourcing laws change? Probably not! You made some very good points in your comment. I cant find any problems with employing the disabled or for small business owners to make money. I dont think people are getting it wrong by the way. The above link proves that.

    Furniture manufacturing has been left on its last leg in North Carolina due to outsourcing! The idea of fast food using this method is new. Without no one to say no, it could mean jobs a plenty going overseas in the future.

    Again thanks for your comments!I have to state this: this is my opinion based on stories that are coming on news networks and on the web. RyansDad