Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DIY- Replace the Subfloor

Well I spent today replacing part of my son's bedroom floor. The water heater located near his room had sprung a leak about a month or so ago. It turns out a hose needed replacing and it had been leaking for quite some time. The area affected was about 46 inches by 48 inches. It was near his closet and we had avoided walking on it. We removed the items in the floor a while ago because besides the carpet holding it up, I think you literally would have stepped through the sub floor. I picked up the replacement sub floor yesterday at Lowe's hardware for almost $17. I had screws left from previous home projects and my saws and a shop vac. The hardest part was removing the old floor. Once that was clear it was smooth sailing. I laid the new floor in and commenced to screwing the floor down to the floor joists. I just placed the carpet I had cut and pulled over right back into place. Of course its not perfect, but I did pretty well for a first timer. More importantly, you can now walk on the floor and use the closet once again with no worries.

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