Monday, February 23, 2009

Wheres my Bailout?

Banks and car companies and home owners are getting billions of dollars from the government so they will not go under and cause job loss and home loss. I can see the far reaching results if the big three car companies were to go under-It could arguably be devastating for America. But as GM is coming back wanting more money, you have to wonder when is enough, enough? Democracy thrives on survival of the fittest in business and sometimes business's just go under.The CEO s for big companies make millions- have or can they take pay cuts for a few years until things turn around? At least they still have jobs, unlike millions of Americans!As far as homeowners go, well some people can afford to buy homes and some cant. Lets extend that program for guys like me that cant really afford to buy! Put me in a house! Pay off my credit cards too! Maybe its small minded, but all in all what does this process teach us? That the rules are different or can be bent for only certain groups?
The following excerpt is from the blog . He tells how it will help Americans and how he thinks that we should help ourselves.

Hundred Goals: "“Where’s My Bailout?”
February 22, 2009 by Steven
With the passing of the Economic Stimulus Package, you may be asking yourself “Where’s MY bailout!??”
Some of the money is going to be coming your way, in the form of a $400 tax credit dispersed through your payroll checks. By my calculations, if you get paid bi-weekly, that will be about $14 per pay period. Not a great deal, but it is better than nothing.
I have to say, though, that we ought not be counting on the government to be bailing us out. While the reality of our economy is that big corporations are holding their hands out to big brother expecting a huge chunk of cash, we shouldn’t feel as though we are owed anything. We are responsible for our own financial situations and it is time that we start acting that way.
What can you do to give yourself a “bailout”?
Run your home like a business- If you were to hire someone to take care of your household finances and they were doing the job as well as you have been doing it, would you fire them? It is time to get serious about getting your money under control. Gather all of your bills and other expenses and create a budget. Figure out exactly how much money is coming in and going out every month. This is no time for estimates. Take an afternoon to figure it out. If you are in a relationship be sure that your spouse or significant other is involved in this process. They need to be aware of the situation as well. By creating a budget together you are also eliminating the confrontation that would likely occur when you spring your new budget on them.
Pay your bills- On time, every time! Late fees and over-limit fees are the worst type of fee you can encounter. Why? Because you could have avoided them altogether had you simply paid your bills on time. Check his site out for the rest!!

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