Monday, February 16, 2009

4700 Miles and 7 States in 5 Days

What are you willing to do for money? Does spending five days at a time in a 40 foot straight truck delivering furniture sound up your alley? Probably not! Well I have an uncle who owns a company that delivers furniture all over the country -mainly in peoples homes. I have worked there regularly in the past and I made very good money-- average of $900 for three days and as much as $1400 for five days. Its not something that I ever thought that I would want to do. I aspired to be something like a restaurant manager or an entrepreneur. At any rate, it is very hard, dirty work that requires you to be gone alot from home. You are subjected to many DOT checks, sleeping in a truck at night in the sleepers, and alot of stress. Well the economy has slowed down and so has my uncles business. Although I am not a regular employee there anymore---I think he has plenty of drivers--he is aware that I have been out of work and has offered to let me take a trip here and there. I just got back from one--I left on a Friday night and didnt get back until Wednesday night. This one was almost nonstop driving; I was the only driver and really it was too much for one person! I started here in North Carolina and went to Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and back to Tennessee. I only made $425 because I took two helpers with me(normally you take just one). We basically split the pay three ways making app. $400 a piece. You do get to see the country and I got to make some money-which is better than no money! Overall though it was pretty crappy considering the lack of sleep and the tons of driving I did. However, I did what was available to help support my little family.

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