Wednesday, February 18, 2009

North Carolina Tarheels

I am huge UNC fan, and I have been since the age of seven or so. How did I become a fan?- well its funny sort of. I remember watching a game between Carolina and NC State with my best friend. Carolina had a point guard named Jeff Lebo at the time. Somehow my friend said he liked State- the Wolfpack led by coach Jim Valvano("Never Give Up, Never Give Up")- and I of course had to pick the opposite team UNC led by legendary Dean Smith -lol. I have been a fan ever since. I also picked my favorite NFL team like this- my friend picked the Miami Dolphins led by Dan Marino and I liked the San Franscisco 49ers led by none other than the great Joe Montana. I think we picked based on liking the quarterbacks- how at those young ages I dont know. I followed the 49ers until they traded Joe to the KC Chiefs, and I continued to follow him there until his retirement. After this I became a Carolina Panthers fan!
Back to Carolina-- they played NC State tonight and won 89 to 80! I hope that they can win it all or at least run deep into the NCAA's. They are led by All American Tyler Hansbrough and stand out point guard Ty Lawson. Wayne Ellington, although sometimes inconsistent, has come on strong as of late to round out their big three. Lets not forget about Danny Green and Deon Thompson- who make solid contributions. Also tonight we welcomed back another Tyler from a broken wrist- seven foot freshman Tyler Zeller- he scored 20 points in the first two games of the season before being hurt. I am excited to see if he can back in the swing of things soon! Go Heels!!

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