Sunday, February 22, 2009

President Barack Obama to Slash Federal Deficit

I just read a news story on the web proclaiming that President Obama has a new plan to reduce our Federal Deficit now in the Trillions. I do not know whether the President's plan will work or be the best way to go about reducing the deficit. However, ever since I was a small child I can remember hearing that the U.S. carries a National Deficit and later hearing that carrying some debt was good for the country and its economy. All I know is that it has gradually grown over the years and has gotten grossly out of control. I can not ever remember anyone so boldly stating that they have a plan to reduce this debt and even going as far as to say they can cut it in half in matter of four years. I think it is great and I hope it can be done. I think it shows leadership and responsibility and that it is good to take accountability. Can it be done? I dont know! Will Americans suffer because of it? Well, I dont know that either! I do know that it will not go away on its own and that the mounting debts could hurt our future generations to come. President Obama and his team still are delivering hope!!

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