Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No Luck in the Job Search

I have not had a regular job since December, and the search itself is taking a toll on me! Today I had a third interview with a company as an assistant manager. I was excited and thought that I had a great chance of getting the job. Even more exciting, they would pay around $33000 to start . Now to some of you out there that might not seem like much; but for someone out of work, it sounded great. And although I have made that kind of money before, I only made like a third of that all of last year!
I arrived at the interview today ready for the world! I took an assessment test that took an hour and a half and answered tons more of questions by the interviewing district manager. I felt I presented myself well(shirt and tie, clean cut),I passed the second interview with the head manager, and the test did not seem too tough--I thought I aced it! I was quickly deflated when she totaled the scores and said that I would not be able to continue as a candidate. Out of ten different categories listed, it stated that I had passed every area except for one. It just showed a graph(no numerical estimates) that barely showed me missing passing that section. I did not have the heart to really pay much attention anymore, but I noticed on the other sections that I had well exceeded the needed graph bar line. I guess it did not matter, in the end it was enough to keep me from getting the job. She said I could reapply in six months. Oh well, there went my plans!!
You have to remember all the cliches at this point: If it was meant to be, it would be! When one door closes, another door opens! It must not have been God's plan! I know all the cliches and I tend to believe them as well. Although, I must admit quite honestly that the rejection still hurts. When someone says that you are not good enough, it can be very disheartening.Rejection serves a blow to your self esteem and your ego. I have a small family to support and so many plans for my life. I have to get back in the job search, but my choices seem very few at the moment. lol-God, you do have a plan right?

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