Saturday, February 21, 2009

Markus Frind- -Dating Website

I read the article and the accompanying interview with Markus in Inc. Magazine about a month or so ago. I was really impressed and excited with what he has done and what he had to say. I went as far as to buy the magazine, and I had to write about it here on my blog. Of course, the skeptic in me wondered if he actually had accomplished what he says he has. Never the less, I choose to believe! Mr. Frind started a free dating website in Canada called www.Plentyof . He admits it is very minimal in its design and he likes it that way. The site is number one in Canada and pretty high in America as well. The kicker is that he says the site clears 10 million a year and he makes $5 million himself. Simplicity is the key! He gives advice for anyone to heed in the magazine. He says anyone willing should start a website and offer it for free in any area where all your competitors are charging. The key is to add Google AdSense to the site. That is where you can make money- and mainly how Markus makes his money. Now he just sits back and the site runs itself, only working about an hour a day. He just recently hired a small staff of 3 and moved to office space. Amazingly, until recently he operated the site out of his apartment.How many successful businessmen out there do you think are going to give out that kind of straight forward advice.I have to admit I had never heard of his site or the AdSense program .However, the article had me thinking! It was part of the reason why I decided to start my blog. I have also been debating what other websites I might be able to start. Whos to say that you guys couldnt do the same thing? I would be happy with just a third or even less of his revenue!


  1. Hi Ryan's Dad: I came across your blog yesterday and added it to my reader.

    I have tried Plenty of Fish and it is a popular and user-friendly site. I also have AdSense all over my blog, but have not made a penny. I have to say I'm skeptical, but I guess time will tell. I only started my blog at the end of November 2008.

    Nice to meet you! My son will be three on April 30.

  2. Hello, Thanks for your comment and for adding me. I will add you as well to mine. I am excited to finally have someone on my site! I was already worrying about traffic--you might just be the first here! How long does it take to get approved for AdSense? It has been over a week for me. I just thought I would give it a try--not trying to get rich--I enjoy doing the blog itself!
    BTW-my son will be 3 on April 7th and my birthday is April 11th.