Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gas Prices on the Rise?? Again??

I have wondered why in the last month or so why the gas prices have been going up at the pump.While at the same time, I keep hearing that the price of a barrel of oil is going down. So how can this be I pondered, as someone who has only driven out of necessity since the gas prices have gotten out of hand in the last year or so. I had only recently started to relax a little and let myself drive other places besides work and the grocery store. Today on yahoo a news clip was posted that roughly tried to address my concerns and give us some kind of answer. They say that the oil refineries have cut down production and thus that has lowered the supply available. With less supply, we all know, that prices must go up. However, as all the conspirators out there will acknowledge, can we believe this answer? I don't know! However, I know first hand that the price of a gallon of gas can easily lower the standard of life in a low income family. I wholeheartedly support finding alternative solutions. At any rate, I have included the news clip that I found below. Well I tried several times and it said their was an error processing it. The gist of the post is still here though.

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