Friday, April 3, 2009

What Can we expect for our Kids?

Earlier this week J.D. over at Get Rich Slowly ran a guest post of Chett Daniel's regarding the world of personal finance through the eyes of a 4th grader. There was a lot of discussion on his site about the level of financial knowledge students currently have, and what should be done to change it. Check out the original post at Get Rich Slowly ,"What 4th Graders Know". Chett then left a followup post on his own site 5k5k , a site that I like because it combines two of my favorite subjects--Health and Wealth( By the way should that be the name of my next site--TriadHealthandWealth??--I want to combine fitness and wealth uniquely.)

Chett's follow up post can be found here! He also found two great videos on kids consumerism on YouTube. I am going to post the first one here on my site. It is all very interesting! Hope you find it interesting as well!

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