Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CVS--A Coupon Adventure;All Free!!

I am still watching our spending and trying to save money when possible. I look at other coupon blogs and see where the deals are at. They will tell you the store, the sale price, and where to look for the coupons. There just happens to be a CVS right by the gym I work out at, so it is convenient to stop in. You can see the five items I bought tonight. As the title says, all free! How about them apples!

Pringles--88 cents on sale a piece(reg $1.99) ---I had a buy 2, get a $1 off coupon=76 cents total

Colgate Toothpaste--$2.99--CVS gave $2 ECB's(like $2 coupon on next purchase)75 cents coupon= 24 cents total

Shick Int Razors(for girlfriend)--$9.99 a piece--BOGO also Buy One Get One Free--1 coupon for $4 off each one- $1.99 total price

I had some ECB's left from a previous visit- I used six dollars worth of ECB's to pay and I still have $5 worth ECB's left---using those CVS credits brought my total to zero! How about that, not too bad for a dad! If you haven't noticed, razors can cost you an arm and a leg these days so I am always looking for great deals on them(as you can see, this was one of them).

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