Thursday, April 16, 2009

CVS Savings--Free Again!!

Thanks to I ran across this deal. You can go on and see if the coupon is available in your area. On the site you should look for a coupon that has Purex for Buy One, Get One Free(BOGO) up to a $7 value. You can print two by pushing the back button on your browser after you print the first one. Then you can go to CVS, which is currently running its' own BOGO at its' stores. I technically got all four items, valued at $6.99 each for a total savings of $27.96, for FREE!! The only catch was that I had to pay the tax on the items. It came to a grand total of 94 cents!! That's what I call a great deal!

I want to note a couple of things. I didnt even know you could double up the BOGO store and manufacturer deals like this. And I must admit, that I was a little worried if it was actually going to work. Everything went smooth though, and I came out feeling great! Also, I am usually one of those people that have to stick to one name brand for washing powders. I have always used Gain . However, when items are free like this, how can you not try other products? One other thing I noticed is that to me the bottles seem small. But as you can see on the picture, two of them will do 32 loads and the other two will do 24 loads. Its all about saving money and when it comes free--trust me, I can't complain!!

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