Saturday, April 4, 2009

How Bout Them Heels??

UNC defeats Villanova 83 - 69! Next up in the finals, Carolina will take on Michigan State. This is it baby! Carolina Tarheels-- Monday night!

In other news, Ryan played in his first soccer game today! Although the weather climbed into the 70's about 4 or 5 today, the Lil Rascals played at 11am when it was about 60 degrees. The wind was blowing viciously and with a chill that probably made it feel like 45 degrees. These were 3 and 4 year olds--Ryan will be 3 Tuesday--, so the moments of brilliance were minimal. That's OK though, it was fun! If only we could keep distractions like the playground invisible!! The kids were cool in all black!! And I ,as the dad, got to break in the new samsung camcorder. Next we grabbed some lunch, and headed to his birthday party! It was a small family party themed with Batman. Man does this little boy always rack up! I can remember many birthdays not getting one gift!

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