Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekend Plans--Soccer & Birthdays

Saturday Heather and I will be taking Ryan to his first soccer game at 11 and at 2 we will be having his birthday party. He will actually be 3 on April 7th and coincidentally I will be 35 on April 11th(too old-lol). We are super excited about the game, although it will probably be chaotic at best!Its all about fun at this age! The weather here tomorrow is supposed to be in the 70's. That will be great since we have been getting alot of rain lately. His first two practices were held indoors because of the rain. Then tomorrow night Carolina takes on Villanova in the second game of the Final Four. You know I will be glued in front of a TV then! Go heels!!

Sunday we were thinking about taking him to an Easter Egg hunt. This will be his first time doing that. I know he would love it! I just think there might be too many kids there-yikes!

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