Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wow, This Stuff Really Works!! Harris Teeter Triple Coupons

Last night I found that Tara at Deal Seeking Mom had posted about the grocery store, Harris Teeter's, upcoming triple coupon week. She referenced another new site to me who had an extensive list of match ups by Jenny at Southern Savers. So I gathered a list from her site and I grabbed my coupons to start finding and matching up the deals. As you can see in the picture above, I was able to buy alot of stuff for only 62 cents--that was sales tax! I saved $45.55 in coupons and $13.09 in Vic store savings for a grand total of $58.64 saved!!! Some of the products I would not normally buy because of the higher prices. Or some products,I would normally buy the store brand, but they are all things that we will use. I must say that I would have even bought more, but the store limits you to twenty coupons and I used all twenty! I plan on making another trip, maybe tomorrow. Also, I just tried to buy items that I could get for free. There are tons of items that you can get at significant discounts.


  1. Congrats on all of the savings. That's a nice chunk-o-change. My only complaint with coupons is buying stuff that you normally don't use. And, some of the products aren't the healthiest. It's nice to have convenience food sometimes but you can save quite a bit by buying beans and rice in bulk, too. For us, we've found that buying in bulk leads to the most savings. And, trying to cook and use the healthy stuff has been insurance for our budget because we rarely go to the doctor.

  2. Hey Jerry, Thanks for the comment! I am with you on the opinion of the non healthy food.I wish there were more coupons for healthy items. I try not to buy too much junk, but I tend to bend just a bit to appease my girlfriend--and of course, I end up eating some. Then I have to work harder in the gym--lol just kidding!Also, having your health is definitely a great thing and something to not take for granted.